Bosco Catholic Education Trust is devoted to providing the best education, grounded in strong Catholic values, where every child is 'known and loved'.

Welcome from the
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Welcome to the Bosco Catholic Education Trust. First and foremost, we are a family of Catholic schools who are committed to one another’s success, working together to improve the life-chances of the children entrusted to our care.

The purpose of our Trust is to serve the children, the staff, families, and unique school communities to which they belong. Don Bosco was clear that a school was more than just a building to be educated in, they are a home too; a place to be ‘known and loved’ and where every individual is guided by the Gospel values of Faith, Hope and Love.

It is a huge privilege to be CEO of such a vibrant and uplifting family of schools. My job is simply to support, enable and facilitate the work of our wonderful schools. Together we are most definitely stronger and have already achieved things that we wouldn’t have thought possible on our own.

Every Diocesan school from across Sussex who joins Bosco CET, brings with them great talent, expertise and unique perspectives and experiences. Our collective responsibility to the children and their families, is to continue to support one another in raising standards and to never settle for second-best.  We aren’t a ‘top-down’ trust, but we do work together for each school community, centralising those services which enable each school to focus more rigorously on the day job of loving the children and teaching them well.

We work hard to recruit, train, and retain the very best teachers and associate staff. They are our most important asset and must never be taken for granted. If you are interested in joining us, please do get in contact. We’d love to hear from you.

Dave Carter
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Bosco Catholic Education Trust

Our Mission

The Bosco Catholic Education Trust is a Christ-centred family of Catholic schools, working together as one body to provide an outstanding education for all.



Everything we do is rooted in Faith and lived out through Gospel values


We are optimistic about the future and see the God-given potential in every individual. We never give up.


We treat every person with loving kindness and always seek reconciliation when things go wrong.


We accept the mantle of leadership and recognise that our mission is to serve one another with humility.


We work hard for the greater good, strive for justice and always try to do the right thing.


We are committed to challenging ourselves to offer first-class provision in all that we do.

Stronger Together

Being part of the Bosco CET family of schools brings significant benefits for example:

  • Genuine collaboration on learning and teaching to enhance existing practice


  • Excellent professional development and leadership opportunities for all staff


  • Succession planning for key posts and particularly in reserved roles


  • Support for Headteachers and Governing Bodies with both the strategic and day-to-day running of their school in whatever way they request


  • Reinstating services that schools may have previously lost, such as providing an Educational Psychologist, subject networking and advisory support


  • Being able to procure services and negotiate contracts that more specifically meet the needs of our schools


  • Being able to save money and achieve economies of scale


  • Saving schools time on things that distract from learning and teaching and centralising some functions that are common to all schools


  • Being able to maintain the unique identity of each Catholic school, whilst benefiting from being part of something bigger


  • Ensuring no school is isolated or ‘left-behind’


  • Strengthening our Catholic ethos and sense of belonging